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Get to Know Quotex Trade, a Modern Trading Application

Get to know Quotex trade in the world of investment which has been in the spotlight. Investing is often done to make a profit in the future. Usually, investments are made by those who have quite large capital. It’s just that fraudulent investments are often targeted by investors.

Apart from a lack of knowledge about trading platform information, large profits are of course the reason why they are trapped in fraudulent investments. One that has received public attention is the Quotex application. This application is included in binary options which has been established since 2020. So how do you trade Quotex? We will explain in full below.

Get to Know Quotex Trade and How it Works

Quotex is a new-level platform that has gone through development with years of experience. Each of Quotex’s developers is a high-level specialist. There are even those who have been trying to improve their development skills for more than 10 years with the total experience of the team.

So this experience can help find the best mechanisms for modern platforms. Quotex provides market signals and simulates trading with a custom web platform. Quotex is a platform that is widely used to sell and buy financial instruments.

It even facilitates the trading of various assets including currencies, shares, and commodities. Quotex also provide access to global markets and liquidity. The ways to trade Quotex are:

  • Open a Quotex trading account
  • Next, research and select the asset to trade
  • You can place buy or sell orders
  • Can monitor your trades and manage risks and profits obtained.

Offers Binary Options Trading

Get to know Quotex trade offers binary options trading. Binary options are a high-risk trading instrument where traders only bet on whether the price of an asset will rise or fall within a certain period. Binary options trading is usually carried out in very short periods, ranging from 60 seconds to several minutes.

Traders only have two choices, namely “CALL” (guess the price will rise) or “PUT” (guess the price will fall). Apart from that, binary options offer high profits in a short time. Meanwhile, the risk level is very high.

If a trader guesses the price direction incorrectly, the trader will lose all invested capital. In Indonesia, binary options are prohibited by Bappebti (Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency) because they are considered online gambling.

Offers a Wide Range of Assets to Trade

Quotex offers a variety of assets for trading, including:

  • Foreign currency (forex), currency pairs such as EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, and others.
  • Shares of companies from various countries.
  • Commodities such as gold, silver, crude oil, and others.

Before deciding to use Quotex, you should be alert and look for further information about binary options and the legality of Quotex in Indonesia. There are many official investment instruments entered by the OJK (Financial Services Authority) that could be an option.

How Quotex Works

Getting to know Quotex trade and how it works will make it clearer for users. Quotex offers a binary options trading platform that allows users to bet on the direction of asset price movements within a certain period. Please remember that binary options are a very risky trading instrument. Here’s how it works, namely:

  • Users must first create an account on the Quotex trade platform.
  • Can choose various assets to trade, such as foreign currencies, cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, and indices.
  • Can choose the expiration time for their binary options contract. Expiration time can range from 60 seconds to several minutes.
  • Users must choose the direction in which they believe the asset price will move. There are two options, namely “CALL” and “PUT”.
  • Then they can determine the amount of bet they want to invest in the contract.
  • Users can monitor the performance of their contracts on the Quotex trade platform. If their guess is correct, they will make a profit. If their guess is wrong, they will lose all invested capital.

Quotex Advantages

Getting to know Quoitex trade is important. The advantage of the application is its premium quality. Everything happens in everything without exception. What’s unique is that this platform is also included in the transparency of advanced technology platforms. So it can attract many participants.

Not only that, but working with a reliable broker is definitely able to achieve maximum control over client quotes. Even investors can check all indicators directly. Quotex is even able to try to create a comfortable environment for platform users. Implemented the best functionality for managing finances. The convenience of working on the platform can be seen in the fairly fast updates of quotes and interface.

Factors that Influence the Size of Quotex Profits

Apart from knowing Quotex trade and how it works, make sure you know how to make a profit. Several factors can influence the size of trading profits, starting from market changes.

The liquidity of the assets you select for the market. So the more assets the market is interested in, the greater the profits will be. Trading time. In this case, the liquidity of an asset in the morning and afternoon can vary significantly. So the time you use is not the same.

Quotex promises high profits in a short time. However, you need to remember that high profits always go hand in hand with high risks. In the case of binary options, traders can lose all their capital in a short time. Moreover, Quotex is not transparent regarding trading mechanisms and fees.

It’s a good idea to be familiar with Quotex trade before using it. Even though it is a digital buying and selling platform, it is a good idea to know the level of risk you will face. Visit https://market-qx.pro/ to explore the world of fun buying and selling digital assets.

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