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Quotex Minimum Deposit, Fees, and How to Do It

The nominal Quotex minimum deposit is quite low and even lower than other trading platforms. This is certainly one of the advantages of Quotex which in the end can make many people interested in using this trading platform. Quotex is one of the online trading platforms that is quite popular and offers trading with various instruments such as stocks, forex, gold, and many other commodities.

Quotex Minimum Deposit and Fees

The smallest nominal to start depositing on this one platform is very low even when compared to other applications which is only $ 10. Traders can also deposit or withdraw funds with a wide selection of currencies ranging from US Dollars, Euros, Pounds, Yen, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, to Swiss Francs. The large number of options allows traders to use their local currency to reduce the impact of currency conversion.

In addition to offering a low minimum deposit and a large selection of currencies, this trading platform also provides a variety of payment methods for depositing funds into a trading account. Traditional payments are available, such as by bank transfer or by credit or debit card. There are also easier and more modern payment methods such as through digital payment applications to payments with cryptocurrency.

This Quotex minimum deposit will certainly be very profitable for many traders, especially novice traders who are just jumping into the world of trading. Well, here are some of the advantages of the low minimum deposit on this platform:

Allows Beginner Traders to Try Trading Without Spending a Lot of Money

The first advantage is that it allows traders to try trading without having to spend a lot of funds. This is certainly very profitable considering that most people are certainly still hesitant to immediately spend a lot of money when they first try trading. Traders also do not need to collect a lot of money first to try trading at Quotex.

Reduce the Risk of Large Losses

In terms of trading, losses are always looming and can happen to anyone. Beginner traders who are not too skilled in terms of trading also have a considerable chance of loss. Even so, with a low Quotex minimum deposit, traders can reduce the risk of receiving large losses because the initial capital is also small. This can reduce the feeling of disappointment too deep when experiencing failure when trading.

Provide Opportunities to Practice Without Fear of Failure

Another advantage is that it can provide traders with the opportunity to practice without fear of experiencing very large nominal losses because they do not risk large amounts of money. With a small deposit, novice traders can learn how to trade correctly and can learn about how to develop good strategies to get a lot of profit.


In the payment of Quotex minimum deposit or withdrawal, there are no fees whatsoever. The policy also applies to all payment options available on the platform. This is certainly very profitable for traders because there is no need to incur additional costs. But even though Quotex does not charge fees, external parties such as payment applications or banks may also set transfer fees.

How to Deposit

How to deposit a minimum deposit Quotex is also very easy, simple, and certainly does not take long. Here are the steps:

Access Deposit Window at Quotex

The first step is to log in to the Quotex account that has been created, if you don’t have it then you can create an account first. After successfully logging into the account, open the trade execution window and click the green button with the name “Deposit” located at the top right of the tab. In addition, you can also open the account profile and then directly click the “Deposit” button.

Choose Deposit Method

After opening the deposit window, several deposit options will appear that can be an option. Decide on an option by considering several factors such as security, processing time, to cost. Choose the option that best suits your needs.

Select Payment Method

The next step is to determine the payment methods that are available on the platform. Choose which method is commonly used and certainly safe.

Determine the Deposit Amount

After determining the payment method, then determine the deposit amount as desired. Can be with a Quotex minimum deposit of $ 10 or more as desired. Traders can also choose a bonus when entering the deposit amount. After determining the deposit amount, click “Deposit”.


Finally, make a deposit payment by filling out the payment details form first. After successfully making a payment, don’t forget to check whether the money has entered the Quotex account or not.

The Quotex minimum deposit which is only $10 is certainly very profitable for traders, especially novice traders. Moreover, Quotex also offers a large selection of currencies with many payment methods as well. So traders can choose the currency and payment method as desired. The easy and fast deposit method will also make it easier for traders.

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