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Quotex Trading Strategy for Beginners to Make a Profit

The Quotex trading strategy for making profits is easy to do. Quotex is a trading brokerage service that is currently popular in Indonesia. To carry out this strategy, you need a horizon strategy with complete and accurate candlestick charts to get maximum results. So first it is important to carry out psychological management. 

Psychological management is a basic principle that traders need to pay attention to. Apart from that, it is also important to understand financial management well to get more consistent profits.

Quotex Trading Strategy for Profit 

Quotex is a credible online trading platform because it can serve various countries. The online system makes it easy to do it anytime and anywhere easily.  

Quotex is also a trusted broker that serves tens of thousands of traders in the world. This platform carries a creative and innovative system. 

Trading is one of the practical and easiest forms of business. What’s even more interesting is getting quite large profits. The equipment needed is very simple. The following is a Quotes trading strategy that is important for beginner traders to know.

Know the Most Accurate Indicators 

Indicators are an important tool for predicting the direction of price movements in the future. You must first set up the indicators on Quotex. 

The step that needs to be done is to change the time so that the duration becomes one minute. After that, choose a candlestick chart. Help indicators that you can use are

  • MACD indicator default period
  • The SMA (Simple Moving Average) period for the average indicator is in white
  • For SMA period 22, the indicator is on average red.

The SMA indicator has the benefit of helping identify the direction of market trends. How it works is by calculating the average closing price over a certain period. Then it will display a line according to market price movements./  

How to use it in the Quotex trading strategy is quite easy, first open the trading chart. Then from the list of available indicators, select the SMA indicator. After that, you can set the period. 

If you have completed the indicator setting stage, the next step is to analyze asset price movements on the market.

Use Quotex’s Golden Moment 

Analysis To read candlesticks, you can use Golden Moment Quotex analysis. This analysis requires careful and precise analysis to determine the most appropriate time. To be able to open a point or position for trading entry, pay attention to the following. 

  • Determining market trends
  • The next stage is to open a position according to the latest market trends
  • Wait until the signal comes in on the indicator
  • Waiting for confirmation of the trading price from the candlestick
  • If the price movement on the candlestick is not appropriate, then do not force an open trade
  • Know when the trend will go up

It is important to know that an uptrend occurs if there is movement of several w MAC period lines which are at the level ) above the line. Thus, price movements for the next 1 minute will increase. So, at that time you can choose to open a buy position. 

Determine Instruments

When determining a trading instrument, first observe the liquidity of each instrument. It will be easier for you to sell again if the liquidity value is higher. The next Quotex trading strategy is to pay attention to price fluctuations of the type of instrument chosen. 

When choosing an instrument, you should choose one that has a nominal deposit according to your costs. Because with minimal capital, now many trading instruments can be used. 

The opportunity to make a profit will be higher if the instrument experiences frequent price changes. So, carefully consider the initial deposit on the instrument


Carrying out analysis can be done before determining the right trading choice. If all the analysis processes have been completed, it will be easier to determine the most profitable and suitable trades. 

When trading, you should be calm, don’t get carried away by emotions. Your concentration will be disturbed if you are emotional. That way, trading will become chaotic and uncontrolled.

Confirm Open Entry Using Candlestick

 Wait for confirmation first to make sure your decision is correct or not. This is done so that decisions when opening a position can be more accurate. Like a candlestick, it will direct and provide information to open a position, be it down/cell or up/buy.

Carrying out this Quotex trading strategy requires extra patience. So you can get more profits.  

Best Quotex Trading Platform Features

Apart from the right Quotex trading strategy, to get abundant profits you need a trusted and experienced platform. It’s best to choose a platform that has a friendly interface. Thus, it will be easier for users to access all trading instruments at good speed.  

Then the signals are integrated and have a high level of accuracy so that you can build a profit strategy. The platform also provides useful trading indicators. To find out which indicators best suit your trading style, try using a demo account first.  

Furthermore, the best platforms will support staff 24 hours a day for 7 days who are ready to help whenever traders need it. Various options for withdrawing funds and deposits can be done quickly. Usually, the minimum deposit starts from 10 USD. There are even various bonus programs for participating in various tournaments and giveaways.  

Using the Quotex trading strategy is the right solution for carrying out trading operations. However, choose the appropriate instrument so that it is easy to access various important data. Because a platform with adequate and innovative features will provide a safe, comfortable trading experience and be a smart investment.

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