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How to Withdraw Quotex, Problems and Solutions

If you are interested in starting trading at Quotex or even have done it, then of course traders must also know how to Withdraw Quotex. The method itself is fairly easy so that all traders, including novice traders, can do it. Well, here we will discuss how to withdraw funds from this one trading platform. In addition to discussing how to withdraw, we will also discuss what problems may occur that cause withdrawal failure and how to overcome them.

How to Withdraw Quotex Easily

To withdraw funds from Quotex, here are the steps:

Login to Quotex Account

The first step is to log in to your Quotex account first. The trick is to open the Quotex website then click the “Login” button in the upper right corner of the homepage if using a desktop or click the three dot menu in the upper left corner if using a smartphone.

But first, make sure you have completed the account verification process for security and to comply with anti-money theft regulations.

Go to Withdrawal Page

After successfully logging into the Quotex trading account, then enter the withdrawal page by clicking the “withdrawal” button located on the left side of the dashboard. It is on this page that traders can withdraw funds from Quotex.

Choose a Withdrawal Method

The next how to withdraw Quotex is to choose a method of withdrawing funds. Quotex does offer a lot of withdrawal methods ranging from Visa, Mastercard, bank transfers, to payment systems such as FK Wallet, Piastrix, Perfect Money, Neteller, and others.

In addition, traders can even withdraw funds with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, altcoins, and stablecoins. Although there are many methods, traders can only use the same withdrawal method as the deposit method at Quotex.

Determine the Withdrawal Amount

After choosing the withdrawal method, then specify the amount of funds to be withdrawn and enter it in the column provided. Traders can freely determine the withdrawal amount as not below the minimum nominal and maximum Quotex withdrawal.

Confirm Withdrawal

After determining the amount of withdrawal, how to withdraw Quotex, then check the withdrawal request again and make sure all the data is correct. If it is correct then click the “withdraw” button to confirm the withdrawal. After that, a pop up window will appear containing withdrawal confirmation, click “OK” if you are really sure you will withdraw funds.

Wait for the Withdrawal Process to be Successful

Finally, traders just have to wait until the withdrawal process is successful. Withdrawal processing time varies according to the method. But usually the withdrawal time will take about 1 to 3 business days. Traders can also check the status of withdrawal requests at Quotex.

There will be several statuses such as “In Process” which means the withdrawal request is in progress, “Success” which means the withdrawal was successful, and “Failed” which means the withdrawal was unsuccessful for some reason.

Problems and Solutions

Some traders may experience failure or have to wait for a long time on how to withdraw Quotex. This failure or long process usually occurs due to some problem. Here are some of the possible problems and ways to resolve them:

Delayed Verification of Trader Identity

The withdrawal may not or has not been successful because the verification process has not been completed. Quotex can indeed verify trading identity in withdrawals, especially large withdrawals. The solution is that traders can complete verification or wait until the verification process is complete.

There is a Problem Selecting Method or Detail Information

If the how to withdraw Quotex fails, it could be because there is a problem with the selection of the method or the information provided is wrong. The solution, double-check and make sure the selection of methods and data requested is correct. Make sure to enter the correct data and try to submit a withdrawal request again.

Late System Maintenance

Withdrawal requests may take longer due to system maintenance delays. If this problem does occur then traders can only wait until the maintenance process is complete and withdrawal requests can be processed faster.

Suspicion of Fraudulent Activity

In the application of how to withdraw Quotex, this platform can also suspect fraudulent activity on the trader’s account so that it will conduct an investigation. This is very important because it aims to prevent sending funds to the wrong people. If you experience this problem, the trader must wait until the account check process is complete.

There’s a Problem with a Third-Party Payment

If the withdrawal process is delayed or even fails then it could be due to a problem with a third-party payment provider. For example, the payment party experienced unexpected technical problems that delayed the withdrawal of funds from Quotex. Traders also have to wait until the payment provider returns to normal and can resume withdrawals.

How to withdraw Quotex is indeed very easy and simple. Traders only need to log in to the Quotex account, then open the withdrawal page. Select a withdrawal method, specify the withdrawal amount, and confirm the withdrawal of funds. If there is a problem in the withdrawal, you can apply the ways to overcome it above or immediately contact customer support as soon as possible.

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