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Complete Quotex Trading Features Help Increase Success

The Quotex trading features make things easier for users. Currently with the presence of Quotex as an innovative broker that offers binary and digital asset trading. The company offers a wide range of trading assets, easy one-click trading and various banking methods.

Quotex Trading Features

But does Quotex suit your trading style? This platform trades digital options on a wide variety of underlying assets of more than 400). Apart from that, to use it you don’t need to download it. So what exactly is Quotex? Following is the complete review.

Quotex Trading Features That Are Still Rarely Known

Quotex is In the world of digital investment, of course, you already know what trading is. One of the most popular trading applications is Quotex. Which is one of the binary options trading applications such as Binomo. One of the illegal online trading applications that still does not have permission from the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (Bappebti).

Binary options themselves are investment or trading products that allow traders to predict the direction of price movements of an asset within a certain time period. Usually very short, like 60 seconds, 1 minute, or 5 minutes. The assets traded in binary options can vary.

The way binary options work is that the trader chooses the asset he wants to trade and the predicted period. Traders predict whether the price of an asset will rise or fall within a selected time frame.

Traders place bets of a certain amount. If the trader’s prediction is correct, he will get a predetermined profit. However, if the trader’s prediction is wrong, he will lose all his bets. The features of Quotex trading include:

Free Demo Account

One of Quotex trading features is that it offers a free demo account. Traders can practice trading with $10,000 worth of virtual money before using real money.

This feature allows traders to understand the platform and trading strategies without the risk of losing money. Traders can start trading with a minimum deposit of just $10. This allows traders with small capital to try trading on Quotex.

Wide Choice of Assets

When choosing Quotex as a binary option it offers a wide choice of assets that can be traded. Start trading predicting whether the asset price will rise or fall within a certain period. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Trade commodities such as gold, silver and oil.

Quotex Trading Features

It even trades stock market indices such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500. The wide selection of assets allows traders to find trading opportunities that suit their risk profile and strategy.

Easy-to-Use Trading Platform

The next feature that we can get when using the Quotex trading feature is convenience. The Quotex trading platform is designed with an interface that is intuitive and easy to understand, even for novice traders. Traders can easily access various features and information needed for trading.

Entering an Illegal Platform

The fairly complete Quotex trading features do not mean that the platform can be used freely. Because Indonesia itself does not allow the use of Quotex. Apart from not being registered with Bappebti, Quotex also does not have a permit in Indonesia.

There is even an opinion that this platform is involved in gambling under the guise of trading. IFMRRC is an unofficial third-party dispute resolution service. However, Quotex has been circulated in several countries, by up to four million people.

Disadvantages of Quotex Trading

Although Quotex offers a variety of interesting features, the platform has several drawbacks that need to be considered before you decide to trade. The disadvantages of Quotex trading include:

  1. This means that traders have no legal protection if they experience problems with the platform. If a dispute arises between a trader and Quotex, the trader has no official body that can help resolve the issue.
  2. Trading binary options on Quotex is high risk. Traders can lose all their money in a short time. This is because binary options are speculative financial instruments, and traders must correctly predict the direction of asset price movements in a short period.
  3. Quotex may charge traders hidden costs, such as spread fees and commission fees. These fees can reduce a trader’s profits and make trading on Quotex less profitable.
  4. Some traders report that the Quotex platform often experiences problems, such as lag and unstable connections. So it can disrupt the trading process and make traders lose potential trading opportunities.

Having the Quotex trading features does not mean that this platform is safe to use. Even though it has been used by four million people, Qoutex is an illegal investment in Indonesia.

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